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Dawna Burrow, Superintendent

My name is Dawna Burrow, and I am thrilled to start my next year at Eugene.  I graduated from high school in a small Southeast Missouri town called Ellington.  After graduating with my Bachelor's Degree from Missouri State University, I started teaching advanced high school science courses.  I taught high school for eleven years before becoming the principal at Southern Reynolds.  During that time, I completed my Master's Degree at William Woods University, and later obtained my Advanced Specialist Degree from University of Missouri-St. Louis. I then served as superintendent for three years at Southern Reynolds.  I spent the next seven years as superintendent at Dixon before finding my home at Cole R-V.

I am married to Jef Burrow, who teaches special education classes at Eugene.  We have two wonderful sons: Damon who recently graduated from William Woods to pursue a career in medicine; and Korey is completing his education at Westminster in Fulton and plans to attend veterinary school. 

All of us at Cole R-V pledge to provide a learning climate where increasing rigor and higher standards are available to all students.  We strive to develop a community of life-long learners that respect self-worth, integrity, the value of work, and academic and social excellence.

Entering the new school year, we know your sons and daughters are special, and we thank you for trusting them to us for the upcoming school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Dawna Burrow, Superintendent

(573) 498-4000 x. 1002

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Contact Dawna Burrow  Dawna Burrow (573) 498-4000 ex: 1002 Superintendent
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