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Staff Directory
  LeAnna Binkley (573) 498-4000 ex: 1049 Eagles Nest Preschool
  Emma Evers (573) 498-4000 ex: 1065 Eagles Nest Pre-school Director/Teacher
  Theresa Koetting (573) 498-4000 ex: 1086 Eagles Nest Aide
  Angie Stieferman (573) 498-4000 Preschool Aide

Eagle Nest Preschool

About Eagles Nest

The Eagles Nest Preschool was founded in 2006.  It is a self sustaining program, which operates following the school schedule on a nine-month basis.  The preschool years are very inquisitive, and exciting time for you and your child.  At Eagle's Nest Preschool, we believe that every child is an individual and our staff is devoted to bringing out the best in each child.

Children at Eagle's Nest Preschool are placed in a classroom with comparable aged children.  We have two classrooms to accommodate these children.  The classrooms have a lead teacher and an aide to work with the children in the room.

We believe that all children learn at their own pace, so activities are designed to develop a variety of skill levels. Our goal is to allow preschoolers the opportunity to explore the world around them while preparing them for the structure of a Kindergarten classroom.


Educational Program:

Our curriculum includes weekly themes and units, as well as instruction on reading readiness, math, social studies, language arts, science and nature.  Children are also introduced to letters, number concepts, colors, shapes, sensory activities, physically fun activities, language concepts and calendar.  These core area concepts are introduced at this time to help with mastery at the kindergarten level.  Daily lessons are planned with both the individual child and the whole group in mind.  The classroom is equipped with many different center-based learning activities, of which are a huge component of the Curriculum and are used regularly in the classroom.


Tuition at Eagle's Nest

At Eagle’s Nest we offer full time students only at a rate of: $23/day.  Full time status is considered to those who attend five days per week, you will not be billed for any meals (breakfast, lunch, snack).

Parents/Guardians are billed only for the days school is in session.  For example, no payment is required during Christmas Vacation.  However, early dismissals and school cancellations due to inclement weather will be billed as a normal school day.

Tuition is due regardless whether or not your child is here due to illness or things of that nature.


Enrollment Requirements

Prior to enrolling your child, you must pay a reservation fee of $50.00.  This will guarantee your child's spot in the program from the waiting list to next year's class.

Students must be between the ages of 4-5 (and fully potty trained).  Exceptions may be made with a child/teacher interview.

Please call Eagle's Nest Preschool at (573) 498-4037 during school hours to place your child on the waiting list, or if you have any questions!


Eagle's Nest Staff

Mrs. Emma Evers, Director and Lead Teacher

Mrs. Leanna Binkley, Lead Teacher and Curriculum Director

Mrs. Theresa Koetting, Aide

Mrs. Angie Stieferman, Aide

"TEACHING - we're not in it for the income; we're in it for the outcome." ~ Author Unknown