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District Programs

Cole R-V School District offers a variety of programs to enhance and improve our students' educational experience.  Our program previews are listed below, or feel free to click the links on the left of this page for the individual program site.
A+ Schools Program - The A+ Schools Program provides students with continuous, progressive career information throughout the students’ years in the R-7 school district. It also focuses on ensuring that students have course offerings that prepare them for their paths after high school.  Lee’s Summit A+ certified students may receive reimbursement for the cost of tuition and general fees while attending a Missouri public community college or vocational/technical school on a full-time basis for two years. The A+ Schools Program grants these educational incentives provided state funds are appropriated by the legislature.


The Eagle's Nest Preschool was founded in 2006.  It is a self-sustaining program, which operates with the school schedule on a nine-month basis.  The preschool years are very inquisitive and exciting time for you and your child.  At Eagle's Nest Preschool, we believe that every child is an individual and our staff is devoted to bringing out the best in each child. Children learn at their own pace so activities are designed to develop a variety of skills.  our goal is to allow preschoolers the opportunity to explore the world around them, while preparing them for the structure of a kindergarten classroom.


Parents as Teachers (PAT) - All parents are their child's best, first teacher.  The services offered through Parents as Teachers include personal home visits by a certified parent educator, specially trained in early childhood development.  Information is provided to parents on what to look for as your child develops, constructive play and more. Screening services are also available for early detection of potential problems, including cognitive, language, motor and speech development.