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Activities Director

Eugene Eagles Athletic Department


Activities Director - Megan Brinkmann

Phone:  573-498-4000 ext. 1012

Email Mrs. Brinkmann




Subscriptions are available for $22.95, and can be purchased at  Our school will receive $5 for each subscription, so you can follow local sports and support your school as well! CLICK HERE for more information.






All student athletes are required to have health insurance.  If your family doesn't currently have an insurance policy, student accident insurance plans are available through Markel Specialty.  



  • View all of the coverage and premium options
  • Review a Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Purchase the insurance using a credit/debit card and receive an instant and printable confirmation of what they purchased

K12 Flyer

Student Accident Brochure (English)    

Student Accident Brochure (Spanish)



Please note that per HB-300 regulations, MSHSAA has released its annual Interscholastic Youth Sports Brain Injury Report regarding the impact of student athlete concussions and head injuries and the efforts that have been made to minimize damages from school sports injuries on the MSHSAA website.  This report is located by going to and then going to the SPORTS MEDICINE TAB.


Cole R-V Eugene is a proud member of the Show-Me Conference.  Starting this year, the Conference will award a traveling sportsmanship banner.  This banner will be awarded to the school that is ranked highest in all categories of sportsmanship by the players, coaches and their fans during this basketball season.  This will help establish the Show-Me Conference not only as one of the most competitive in the state, but one that represents the best as related to sportsmanship. We encourage everyone to cheer for all of the athletes on the floor and help represent Eugene as we show the fundamentals of sportsmanship.

Event & Facility Reservations

To schedule an event or reserve one of our facilities, please email Mrs. Brinkmann with the following information:

  • Event Date
  • Event Time. If you need extra time for setup or cleanup, please include that as well.
  • Responsible Party
  • Responsible Party phone
  • Responsible Party email
  • Brief Description of Event
  • What facility would you like to reserve?
  • Where would you like it advertised, if any? Items may appear in the district newsletter, website, School Messenger, and outdoor marquee.  

*Cole R-V reserves the right to approve or reject any reservation request.  *Per district policy, there may be rental/custodial fees for non-school affiliated events.