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Welcome to Cole R-V School District

Belief Statements

All students are important. All students can learn. Formal education is critical. Family support is essential. Teachers do make a difference. Community involvement and support is necessary.  Character, ethical and moral development is important. A safe and orderly climate is important.  It is important to maintain high academic standards. The educational needs of the students must be met. It is important to keep current on educational issues.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cole County R-V School District is to create an environment that will raise the performance of all students and to provide the opportunity to maximize physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.  In a climate of mutual respect and cooperation, students will develop as:  self directed learners, effective communicators, problem solvers, collaborative workers and responsible citizens.

Technology Mission Statement

The Cole County R-V School District technology mission is to provide a collaborative environment in which technology and instruction are integrated throughout the school and community. This mission is based on the belief that students must be empowered with the skills, knowledge and access to tools necessary to become life-long learners in an information-based technologically oriented society. The school district is committed to providing and updating technologies to ensure that the students and faculty are current with the developments in technology.

Contact Us

14803 Highway 17, Eugene, MO 65032

Phone: 573-498-4000

Fax:  573-498-4090

Contact Jennifer Adrian  Jennifer Adrian (573) 498-4000 ex: 1064 1st Grade
Contact Jessica Adrian  Jessica Adrian (573) 498-4000 ex: 1096 HS Guidance, A+ Coordinator, NHS
Contact Kelly Adrian  Kelly Adrian (573) 498-4000 ex: 1074 6th Grade
Contact Lindsay Battiato  Lindsay Battiato (573) 498-4000 ex: 1081 Elementary Spec Ed
Contact Kim Bax  Kim Bax (573) 498-4000 ex: 1061 Kindergarten
Contact Patricia Belshe  Patricia Belshe (573) 498-4000 ex: 1076 Title I Reading
Contact Vonda Berendzen  Vonda Berendzen (573) 498-4001 High School Secretary
Contact LeAnna Binkley  LeAnna Binkley (573) 498-4000 ex: 1059 Kindergarten
Contact Rhonda Burkett  Rhonda Burkett (573) 498-4000 ex: 1019 High School Art
Contact Dawna Burrow  Dawna Burrow (573) 498-4000 ex: 1002 Superintendent
Contact Jef Burrow  Jef Burrow (573) 498-4000 ex: 1042 HS/MS Special Services
Contact Sara Carrender  Sara Carrender (573) 498-4000 ex: 1068 3rd Grade, JH & HS Cheer
Contact Sharlynn Cochran  Sharlynn Cochran (573) 498-4000 ex: 1020 Language Arts, Drama
Contact Sherree Crum  Sherree Crum (573) 498-4000 ex: 1082 Title I Math
Contact Tina Dane  Tina Dane Special Services
Contact Emma Dixon  Emma Dixon (573) 498-4000 ex: 1054 Elementary Guidance Counselor
Contact Sheri Doerhoff  Sheri Doerhoff (573) 498-4006 School Nurse
Contact Craig Engelbrecht  Craig Engelbrecht (573) 498-4000 ex: 1021 HS Physical Education, Boys Basketball
Contact Emma Evers  Emma Evers (573) 498-4037 Eagles Nest Pre-school Director/Teacher
Contact Melissa Evers  Melissa Evers (573) 498-4000 ex: 1063 1st Grade
Contact Doug Farris  Doug Farris (573) 498-4000 ex: 1022 Science/Science Club
Contact Sara Farris  Sara Farris (573) 498-4000 ex: 1023 Language Arts
Contact Ashley Geritz  Ashley Geritz (573) 498-4000 ex: 1029 Math
Contact Deana Hager  Deana Hager (573) 498-4000 ex: 1025 Science/Science Club
Contact Ed Hager  Ed Hager (573) 498-4009 Agriculture/FFA
Contact Garrett Haslag  Garrett Haslag (573) 498-4000 ex: 1053 Physical Education, Head Baseball, Asst. Basketball
Contact Kelly Hoelscher  Kelly Hoelscher (573) 498-4000 ex: 1026 Social Studies
Contact Robin Hogard  Robin Hogard (573) 498-4000 ex: 1035 Math
Contact Donna Johnson  Donna Johnson (573) 498-4000 ex: 1082 Title I Math
Contact Deb Kempker  Deb Kempker (573) 498-4000 ex: 1000 Superintendent Secretary
Contact Michele Kempker  Michele Kempker (573) 498-4000 ex: 1080 6th Grade
Contact Theresa Koetting  Theresa Koetting (573) 498-4000 ex: 1086 Eagles Nest Aide
Contact Michael Kopec  Michael Kopec (573) 498-4000 ex: 1040 Social Studies, JH Boys Basketball
Contact Kristi Leeds  Kristi Leeds (573) 498-4000 ex: 1067 K-2 Enrichment
Contact Pam Lepper  Pam Lepper (573) 498-4099 Bookkeeper, Asst. Softball, Asst. Track
Contact Jim Libbert  Jim Libbert (573) 498-4008 Maintenance
Contact Dayna Limbach  Dayna Limbach (573) 498-4000 ex: 1070 HS/Elem Librarian
Contact Kim Luetkemeyer  Kim Luetkemeyer (573) 498-4000 ex: 1030 Math
Contact Casey McDonald  Casey McDonald (573) 498-4000 ex: 1033 HS Band/Choir
Contact Teresa Messersmith  Teresa Messersmith (573) 498-4000 ex: 1048 Elementary Principal
Contact Tawnya Morrow  Tawnya Morrow (573) 498-4000 ex: 1066 2nd Grade
Contact Kathy Niemeier  Kathy Niemeier (573) 498-4000 ex: 1032 Business, FBLA, Yearbook
Contact Karen Oetting  Karen Oetting (573) 498-4000 ex: 1044 HS Special Services
Contact Carla Ousley  Carla Ousley (573) 498-4000 ex: 1073 5th Grade
Contact Bethany Prenger  Bethany Prenger (573) 498-4000 ex: 1087 Agriculture/FFA
Contact Lynette Procter  Lynette Procter (573) 498-4023 Technology Director
Contact Linda Propst  Linda Propst (573) 498-4000 ex: 1069 3rd Grade
Contact Robin Rasmussen  Robin Rasmussen (573) 498-4000 ex: 1031 Business, FBLA, Yearbook
Contact Amber Reed  Amber Reed (573) 498-4000 ex: 1049 Eagles Nest Aide
Contact Mark Richard  Mark Richard (573) 498-4000 ex: 1009 HS Principal
Contact Trish Roth  Trish Roth (573) 498-4000 ex: 1028 Social Studies, Language Arts, Student Council
Contact Karen Schulte  Karen Schulte (573) 498-4000 ex: 1001 Board Secretary
Contact Patty Smith  Patty Smith (573) 498-4000 ex: 1038 Science
Contact Lora Soltvedt  Lora Soltvedt (573) 498-4002 Elementary Secretary
Contact Kathy Stegner  Kathy Stegner (573) 498-4000 ex: 1027 Language Arts
Contact Laura Vandike  Laura Vandike (573) 498-4000 ex: 1071 4th Grade