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Cole R-V In The News

Cyrilla Sestak and best friend, Mary Schwaller, Eugene High School, circa 1953-54. This photo was taken near where an underground tunnel connected the main school building with the gymnasium.  The identity of the little girl carrying her dollie and turning away is lost to history. Photo courtesy of Mary's daughter, Stephanie Amos, 2020.


Alumni Breakfasts

Attention all Cole R-V Graduates!  Eugene High School welcomes all past graduates to join us for semi-annual alumni breakfasts, held on the last Wednesday of October and April.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming Alumni Breakfast, planned for October 26, 2022 in the high school cafeteria. Tickets may be purchased at the door for $6. Doors open at 8:00, with breakfast served at 8:30.  

Eugene High School Alma Mater


Sing Praises to our high school

Keep our honor shining bright

We are loyal to our colors

We revere the black and white

We must confess that our success

Has raised our courage high

For the true and brave

May our banner wave

Keep faith in Eugene High

Submit Your Alumni Photos!

Do you have any alumni photos to share? You may email them to:

Pam Lepper, Webmaster

(573) 498-4099


Rules of Submission

1.) Photos must be only those of Cole R-V students, faculty and other employees, and buildings and grounds, taken on school property or during school activities.  

2.) Each photo must be from a reasonably clear, original picture that has been scanned at a 300 DPI if possible.

3.) All photos must be submitted in digital format as noted above. 

4.) Each photo must be in good taste, holding no one up to public ridicule or embarrassment.

5.) Each photo must have a clearly written caption that tells who or what is in the photo, which class or classes are involved, and the date or approximate date of the photo.  Obviously there may be some "unknowns" duly noted.