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Parents as Teachers




The first years of a child's life are important; they lay the foundation for what's to come.
Make the most of those years...Enroll in
Parents As Teachers.


  • Free home visits
  • Group meetings to learn and share with other parents
  • Screening to chart your child's progress
  • A FREE SERVICE of the Cole County R-V School

A parent education and family support program serving families through pregnancy until kindergarten entry. The program lets parents know what to expect through every stage of their child's development. Fun and exciting activities are done in both the home setting and group activities are done at the school. Being a part of the Parents as Teachers program enables parents to capture the teachable moments in everyday life to enhance their child's language development, intellectual growth, social development, and motor skills. The Cole County R-V School program offers activities at school every Friday as well as other times.



The Department of Education required the school district to have a copy of your child's immunization record on file. Bring it with you to a group activity.


If your child or someone else in the home is ill on the day of your appointment, please call us to reschedule for a different day. Also, if you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please call us as soon as possible. That will give us the chance to fit another family in at that time. Likewise, we will let you know as soon as possible if we need to reschedule for any reason. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.





Why screening?

Screening is a quick and effective way to look at your child in comparison with other children his age. I can determine whether or not your child developing within the normal range for his age. You as the Parent will receive results of this screening along with activities you can share with your child to stretch his activities and strength any areas of concern.