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Believe It... Achieve It... Be It!

We are proud of our teachers, students, school and our outstanding accomplishments. We strive to ensure that each of our students has every opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Our district includes the towns of Eugene, Mary's Home, Brazito, Henley and Honey Creek. The average student/teacher ratio is 9:1.

The school is located on Highway 17 outside of Eugene approximately 20 miles south of Jefferson City. The Cole County R-V School is the largest employer in the district.

In addition to our Elementary School, Cole R-V School District offers the Eagles Nest preschool.  It currently has full enrollment of 20 children and is staffed with a Director and 2 aides.

Eugene Elementary School

14803 Hwy 17, Eugene, MO  65032

ph. (573) 498-4002

Contact Jennifer Adrian  Jennifer Adrian (573) 498-4000 ex: 1064 1st Grade
Contact Kelly Adrian  Kelly Adrian (573) 498-4000 ex: 1074 6th Grade
Contact Lindsay Battiato  Lindsay Battiato (573) 498-4000 ex: 1081 Elementary Spec Ed
Contact Kim Bax  Kim Bax (573) 498-4000 ex: 1061 Kindergarten
Contact Patricia Belshe  Patricia Belshe (573) 498-4000 ex: 1076 Title I Reading
Contact LeAnna Binkley  LeAnna Binkley (573) 498-4000 ex: 1059 Kindergarten
Contact Sara Carrender  Sara Carrender (573) 498-4000 ex: 1068 3rd Grade, JH & HS Cheer
Contact Sherree Crum  Sherree Crum (573) 498-4000 ex: 1082 Title I Math
Contact Tina Dane  Tina Dane Special Services
Contact Emma Dixon  Emma Dixon (573) 498-4000 ex: 1054 Elementary Guidance Counselor
Contact Sheri Doerhoff  Sheri Doerhoff (573) 498-4006 School Nurse
Contact Emma Evers  Emma Evers (573) 498-4037 Eagles Nest Pre-school Director/Teacher
Contact Melissa Evers  Melissa Evers (573) 498-4000 ex: 1063 1st Grade
Contact Vicki Graham  Vicki Graham (573) 498-4000 ex: 1062 3rd Grade
Contact Carlos Gray  Carlos Gray (573) 498-4000 ex: 1078 Music
Contact Kathleen Haeffner  Kathleen Haeffner Speech Implementer
Contact Jennifer Horton  Jennifer Horton Kindergarten
Contact Donna Johnson  Donna Johnson (573) 498-4000 ex: 1082 Title I Math
Contact Michele Kempker  Michele Kempker (573) 498-4000 ex: 1080 6th Grade
Contact Theresa Koetting  Theresa Koetting (573) 498-4000 ex: 1086 Eagles Nest Aide
Contact Kristi Leeds  Kristi Leeds (573) 498-4000 ex: 1067 K-2 Enrichment
Contact Dayna Limbach  Dayna Limbach (573) 498-4000 ex: 1070 HS/Elem Librarian
Contact Casey Mason  Casey Mason Teacher
Contact Teresa Messersmith  Teresa Messersmith (573) 498-4000 ex: 1048 Elementary Principal
Contact Tawnya Morrow  Tawnya Morrow (573) 498-4000 ex: 1066 2nd Grade
Contact Sandy Nahrstedt  Sandy Nahrstedt 2nd Grade
Contact Carla Ousley  Carla Ousley (573) 498-4000 ex: 1073 5th Grade
Contact Amber Reed  Amber Reed (573) 498-4000 ex: 1049 Eagles Nest Aide
Contact Shannon Schanzmeyer  Shannon Schanzmeyer Personal Aide
Contact Jennifer Statler  Jennifer Statler Special Education Director
Contact Clarissa Stokes  Clarissa Stokes (573) 498-4000 ex: 1072 Teacher
Contact Laura Vandike  Laura Vandike (573) 498-4000 ex: 1071 4th Grade
Contact Abbie Wansing  Abbie Wansing (573) 498-4000 ex: 1077 Art

Artsonia Online Art Portfolio

Artsonia is an online art portfolio that features the amazing artwork of our Eugene Elementary students.  Parents, family and friends can order custom gifts featuring the artwork of their favorite student.  A portion of those proceeds go directly to our Art Department!  Plus, with every comment or new fan, Eugene students can earn the "Hall of Fame Award." 

This is an outstanding showing from our students and great support from the parents. To go to the student website for Artsonia, please follow this link:   Artsonia Student Website